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 Welcome & Mission

Welcome to the O'ahu Swim Academy (OSA)!  The OSA is a perfect way for you and your family to explore the fun recreational activity of swimming while learning a life-long skill.

If you or one of your family members are experiencing one of the following, contact us today:

1.  Apprehension of water.
2.  Can't swim.
3.  Would like to swim better.
4.  Looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

The OSA will help you overcome your fears of the ocean/pool while learning how to swim effectively.  Furthermore, swimming is a GREAT form of exercise.

The mission of the OSA is to value safety, discipline, and responsibility through the art of swimming.  The OSA strives to provide students ages 3 to adult a safe and educational environment no matter the place of instruction or their skill level.  

The OSA will go to you!  We can meet you at your private/public pool, or at a beach park that is a conductive learning environment (very little shore break).  Travel is based off of instructor availability.  

Browse through our website to see more about our curriculum and our discount offers to save you and your family money.  

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About Us

The OSA was founded by "Coach" Chris Day. Coach Chris, an advocate for fitness, started working in and around the health & wellness industry at the age of 15 at The Milton Hershey School Spartan Center. With guidance from his mentor/boss, Coach Chris became fascinated with how fitness can impact your every day life.

Continuing his interest, Coach Chris completed his lifeguard certification, his AED/CPR certification and taught his fellow high school classmates necessary water survival skills in order to graduate from high school. Following the successful completion of his first students’ swimming graduation requirement, Coach Chris knew that he wanted to be immersed in educating people about the value of staying active and healthy.

The OSA was created with you in mind.  Our curriculum offers students a way to become newly acclimated to the water, improve their current swim skills, or get/stay in shape through swimming.  When you join the OSA, you are investing in a skill that is invaluable.

The OSA will go to you!  We can come to any location on the Island of O'ahu.  There is no need for you to travel at all, it's that easy!  Please note that travel is based on instructor availability.   

Our instructors are CPR/AED Certified.

Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Sunday 8:00 AM to 6:30PM

Click HERE to see what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says on unintentional drowning.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding the OSA please feel free to contact us at any time at (808) 782-6634 or at [email protected]!

Register with the OSA today!   

"Coach" Chris Day
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Curriculum &Locations


The OSA curriculum is split into 5 levels. These levels range from Pre-Beginner to Advanced.  All swimming classes are  up to 40-minutes in length.  Here is a brief description of the various levels of our curriculum:

    Pre-Beginner- The Pre-beginner level is primarily for students ages 3-6 years old.  This level is great for young children to become acclimated to the water as well as learning basic techniques of the back float/elementary movements.                                                                                    

    Beginner-   The Beginner level is for ages 6 years and up.  This level focuses on the basic elements of swimming, starting with the back float and moving up to the freestyle stroke/backstroke movements.                                   
    Advanced Beginner-   The Advanced Beginner level is for those who are capable of doing all of the Beginner curriculum requirements.  Students will learn fine tune their freestyle/backstroke and move on to items such as the breast stroke and how to effectively tread water.        

    Intermediate-  The Intermediate level is for swimmers who have perfected the simple strokes such as the freestyle/back stroke.  Perfecting the breast stroke and Introduction to the Butterfly stroke will be the focal point of this level.                                                                                    

    Advanced-  Students will be working on endurance during their class sessions in the advanced level.  Students will also focus on the side stroke, butterfly and the stroke and turn (in a pool only) techniques. 

    Snorkeling-  All snorkeling sessions will take place at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. Learn how to effectively use your mask, snorkel and fins while learning basic snorkeling techniques in the Ocean.  Snorkeling sessions last approximately one hour.  


The OSA will go to YOU!  We can meet you at your private pool, high-rise pool or your favorite public pool/beach!  The OSA would like to make your swimming experience as convenient as possible.  So, if you don't have your own pool or if you live in an area that does not have beach access, we may utilize the City and County of Honolulu's public pools.

 Traveling Locations:

The OSA strives to offer competitive rates as a traveling swim school.  The OSA will travel all over the island of O‘ahu for the following rates:

⇒ Honolulu Area (without use of the H-1 Freeway, Pali/LikeLike highways): FREE;
⇒ North O‘ahu: 50 cents per mile;
⇒ West O‘ahu: 50 cents per mile;
⇒ Central O‘ahu (including Halawa, Aiea,Waipahu): 50 cents per mile;
⇒ East O‘ahu(including Aina Haina, Hawai'i Kai, Portlock and the eastern part of O'ahu): 50 cents per mile.

*Please note: The Start destination for traveling will be from the Honolulu area.
Total mileage is based from Honolulu to the location of the lesson and from the lesson
back to Honolulu. Total mileage will be calculated from services like Google Maps.  

Please click the blue  PDF button for our General Information Packet which contains more information on our curriculum and locations:

For a complete listing of public pools, please click the red  PDF  button:  

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Rates and Packages

  1. Managing Director
    Private Lessons
    Private: $30 per student per session; Package of 8 sessions: $216 (a 10% discount) ($28.50 per session); Package of 4 sessions: $114 (a 5% discount)($27 per session)
  2. Semi-Private Lessons
    Semi-Private: $25 per student per session; Package of 8 sessions: $180 (a 10% discount) ($22.50 per session/student); Package of 4 sessions: $95 (a 5% discount) ($23.75 per session/student).
  3. Classes
    Class: $20 per student per session;** Package of 8 sessions: $144 (a 10% discount) ($18.00 per session/student); Package of 4 sessions: $76 (a 5% discount) ($19.00 per session/student).
**Please note that in order to register for a class session, a class must contain at least 3 students but no more than 5.  If a class session only has two students registered, then the lessons will be categorized as a Semi-private session and proper payment will be applied. If a class session only has one student registered, than the lessons will be categorized as a Private session and proper payment will be applied.

It is recommended that sessions are pre-purchased to not only guarantee their class schedule, but to ensure that the student will have the opportunity to learn all of the material in the appropriate level.  In addition, the purchase of packages will save you money!


We also offer a snorkeling class for a flat rate of $70 at either Ala Moana Beach Park or Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.  

During snorkeling class, the student will learn to use the equipment effectively and how to navigate safely through the ocean/reef.  Be prepared to spend at least one hour at Ala Moana or Hanauma Bay for your beach/ocean instruction.  You are more than welcome to purchase our snorkel equipment for $70.  Our equipment includes an equipment bag, fins, snorkel and mask. Contact us today for more information on this exciting course!  

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